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Privacy policy

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


Wherever these conditions are described below, the following words and words are meant to mean the meanings described in them, unless otherwise required:

Company: Glossy Innovations Advertising Co., Ltd., registered in the Jeddah Commercial Register under the number (4030279665) on 08/03/1436 H.

Contractor/contractor: Trademark and store owners contracted with the company for the purpose of providing discounts and facilities to subscribers.

Application/application/SDC app: is the company's e-app, which entitles the subscriber to receive discounts and offers from the company's contractors, known as SDC App.

Subscription fees: Subscription fees for the online app.

Subscriber/subscribers: Subscriber in the electronic application.

Subscription code/activation code/code: a code made up of letters and/or numbers, sent to the subscriber for the purpose of activating their account in the application, and to take advantage of the discounts and offers of the contractors during the subscription period.

Introduction to the company and the SDC Application

Brilliant Innovations is a limited liability advertising company licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment to provide marketing services to third parties, and works to contract with trademark owners in a variety of activities to provide facilities to the company's customers participating in SDC App service, which is to grant the subscriber discounts from the contractors with the company. The subscriber receives many of the benefits of this App, which is to grant the subscriber the right to receive discounts from the contractors for the duration of the agreed subscription, while protecting the right of the participant who did not receive the discount from the contracting agency by giving him the value of the discount in cash in accordance with the terms and policy of the company. The subscriber is also granted the right to use the application to obtain discounts and offers from the contractor with an unlimited number of use during the period of the offer, while providing customer service to the subscribers in accordance with all means available to the company, in order to achieve the provision of a service worthy of the reputation of both the company and the beneficiary, and preserve the rights of the participants.

Subscription terms and conditions:

The participant agreed that the introduction and the boot are part of the terms and conditions, read in their light and take its provisions. He also agreed to the terms and conditions of applying the SDC, and the mechanism of its use, and learned that his continued registration through the company's application, payment of subscription fees and activation of the code is an approval and approval of his commitment to the following conditions:

First: Registration

  1. The subscriber is committed to registering for the online app on the Google Play Store, or (App Store) in accordance with the subscriber's operating system, and following the instructions for the application in preparation for the subscriber's access to the subscription code and its activation.
  2. The subscriber must verify the type, duration and value of the subscription before making the payment, and must enter its data carefully, have its data in line with the data mentioned in the national identity or resident identity, as the case is to be verified, and the subscriber is committed to verify it before completing the registration process, and the subscriber is fully responsible for the authenticity of the data he entered.
  3. The subscriber agreed that the company will send offers to him through various methods and means of communication, including: telephone communication, SMS, e-mail, etc.
Second: Provisions for the use of the subscription code

The participant acknowledged and compiled and agreed and informed the following:

  1. The participant learned that the right to use the subscription code to obtain discounts and offers from the contracting authorities is the personal right of the subscriber alone, and may in no way enable any other person to benefit from it at all, and gave the subscriber the right to cancel his subscription immediately when he violates it, and has dropped any right to claim the subscription fee or claim any compensation.
  2. Notice and inform the contractor of his subscription to the SDC application before the purchase and/or service request is completed, so that the contracting entity can provide its services to it, and the subscriber can receive the discount. In the event of a breach, the participant agreed to drop his right to receive this discount or to claim any compensation for it.
  3. The discount contractor may verify the identity of the customer, verify the identity of the participant and match the data of his account with his or her identity data, and in the event that the subscriber fails to present his identity for any reason before completing the purchase and/or requesting the service from the contracting agency, the participant agrees to drop his right to receive this discount or claim any compensation for it.
  4. The parent is to verify the identity of the subscriber by matching his personal account data in the app with national identity data or resident identity as the case. The contracting entity may, as its potential, verify the identity of the participant in the manner it deems appropriate.
Third: General provisions for subscription to the application

The participant acknowledged, complied, agreed and informed the following:

  1. The participant is not entitled to a refund after making a payment, nor is he entitled to transfer the subscription amount to another person.
  2. The company alone has the right to conclude and/or cancel contracts and/or modify them with the contracting authorities, which is at the discretion of the company alone.
  3. The subscriber's participation in the electronic application is to take advantage of the benefits offered by the contractors in general, and the number of contracting entities is subject to increase and reduction, and the subscriber has learned that his subscription does not in any way mean the continuation and survival of a particular contractor to offer discounts or offers.
  4. The Company does not commit to the participant in any obligation to continue contracting with a particular contractor, nor to continue the same benefits and discounts offered by the contractor, but the company seeks to contract with the various entities (the contracting entity) in order to provide discounts, offers and benefits to the participants, and that the company's role is to seek contracts with the various entities and to try to create a long-term relationship with the contractors in order to provide discounts and facilities to the participants.
  5. The continuation of the contract with a particular entity and/or the continued provision of the same discount or offer by a contractor to the same discount or offer is subject to change and/or cancellation at any time and at any time, and therefore the Company does not commit to the subscriber to continue to contract with a particular entity and to continue to provide the same discount or facility from a particular entity, which the participant has learned of and approved.
  6. The subscriber acknowledged that the payment of subscription fees in the electronic application is for his benefit and receiving discounts and benefits offered by the contractors in general.
  7. The participant is not entitled to request a refund of the subscription fee due to the withdrawal of a particular contractor and/or because any contractor has modified the benefits or discounts offered by it.
  8. The method of knowing the terms and conditions of each contractor with the company is through the website at and/or the online application. The participant knew that it was an unstable variable, and accepted it.
  9. The contracting entity's offers may be suspended in cases of exclusive and temporary offers by the contractor, and/or liquidations, and/or their integration with the brand's loyalty app and/or their integration with any other offers, which the participant has learned and accepted.
  10. The subscriber learned and agreed that the company may use the data collected to subscribe and register in the application and so on, such as: phone number, e-mail, geographical location, etc. in order to provide service to subscribers, help develop and improve the company's services, and use this data for analysis, measurement and statistics.
Fourth: General provisions

All regulations and regulations applicable in Saudi Arabia apply to these terms and conditions, and the Saudi courts in Jeddah are competent in the consideration of any disputes relating to these terms and conditions or arising from their application or interpretation. At any/every time, the Company may amend the terms and conditions in whole or in part by all means of modification, such as: creation, cancellation, etc. These modifications will take effect from their publication on the Company's website and/or application , unless otherwise stated. The subscriber's continued use of the site and/or application is an acceptance and approval of the published amended terms and conditions.