What is SDC App? - SDC App

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How are we special?

How to get the discount?

You can use your SDC discount in 2 easy steps


The first way is through the application

Click on the arrow situated in the middle or head to “get discount” from the menu section

You can either click on “Scan QR code” request the cashier to bring you the QR code to scan or simply choose “write the code” and manually insert the code given by the brand’s cashier.

Enter the entire bill amount, click on confirm and show the confirmation to the cashier.


The second way is through a special link with the branches

If for any reason you are unable to use your mobile phone or cannot find a strong internet network, the cashier can give you the discount through a link within their devices.

All you have to do is give your mobile number or email to the cashier, and immediately receive an email with the transaction details.

We make sure nothing stops you from getting your discount

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